Culotte cool

Last year in Cambodia (yah) Hareem pants were the order of the day, just the thing for keeping cool in the sun whilst keeping the ability to bust some shapes without the fear of flashing to the world.


This season, fashion has taken this Eastern trend, reinvented with flared 60s style bottoms channeling the hippy vibe. Let it be known- patterned or plain, culottes are the Hareem pants of the city gal, so take my advice and stock up before the summer kicks in. No one wants to be sweaty in the office, do they? These brown wide trousers are See by Chloe, perfect for spicing up your work wardrobe.


Co-ords are massive for summer, and  pairing your top with culottes instead of shorts or a skirt is a great way of making your look a bit more quirky, moreover the matching top and bottoms make a great formal wear- why not try this look for a summer wedding/prom or graduation!


Topshop has outdone itself with this batik print, an amazing blend of Indian, Liberty Victorian Print and a flash of stomach.
-I want!



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